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The escalating crime rate in Brisbane Metropolitan area incurs a steady increase in insurance premiums. These two factors negatively affects the home owners in personal safety, additional insurance cost as well as personal trauma of being burgled with the loss of cherished contents of sometimes irreplaceable value.

This need not be so. With our Video Surveillance Cameras installed in crucial points around your property, will in most cases deter a would be robber and prompt him to move on or capture his action on the cameras and store it on the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for police evidence.
Our Equipment also enables you to observe your property or machinery instantaneously day or night on your laptop or smart phone from anywhere in the world.

You can watch a single channel or any number up to 16, The cameras can be programmed to record only movements or contuous action. The system can be connected to your TV or Monitor, and with Internet connection it can be viewed on your Laptop or a Smart Phone.

For an obligation free quote and opinion please call on 0417768019.
Remote Eye
Home Monitoring
We also supply and install Telephone connected Security Alarm Systems up to 16 separate zones around your house. Any forced entry will trigger a Siren/Strobe alarm as well as a call to you, your nominated monitoring station or The Police.

Keep a RemoteEye on your Property.

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